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Columbus Dog Connection removes rescues that pay for puppies from breeders (Rescue Brokers).
Please report rescue brokers to The Ohio Dept of Ag,  email the web site/advertisement to Animal@agri.ohio.gov
Please let us know if you see any listed.  Read more about Rescues Brokers highlighted below in green.
 corrections/updates to   KDifrischia@gmail.com                                               
Green = 100% s/n policy before adoption     Pink =no s/n policy or may s/n at 3-6 months     Blue =unknown status

All Breed Rescue

Pure Breed Rescues

Dog/Cat Shelters

 614 Area Code
Columbus Dog Connection cats too
Black/Orange Cat Foundation
Cat Welfare
Colony Cats & Dogs
Fuzzy Paw Shih Tzu & Small dogs
Pet Promise           cats too
Friends for Life    cats too
Pets W/out Parents
A Purrfect Start
ADOPT Pet Rescue
Stop the Suffering
Powell Paws
Perfect Pet Adoption Center
Canine Collective
Jo Ann's Foster Animals
Happy Tails
Citizens for Humane Action
Tame A Cat
Peace For Paws
Speak for The Unspoken
Cause For Paws
Persian Cat Rescue Columbus
Franklin Co AC
Capital Area HS
Pets W/out Parents
Cozy Cat Cottage

Columbus Pet Rescue

Help Save Pets

740 Area Code
Second Chance
Myhio Horse Farm Animal Rescue
Pet Orphanage
Kind Hands For Paws
All Tails R Waggin
For The Love of Pets
Sierras Haven  cats too
Heroes of Animals
S Ohio All Breed Rescue

Pick Me Rescue
Heavens Lil Angel
In Good Hands
Forgotten 4 Paws
Abandoned Companion Rescue
Perry Co Rescue/Rehoming
Avalon Animal Rescue
Friends of the Shelter (Athens Co)

Whisker Connection
Paws N Purrs Pet Rescue

Pawssible Dreams Dogs & Cats
Four Paws Adoption Center

Fido's Rescue & Rehab

Creature Comforts

937 Area Code
Top of Ohio Pet Shelter
Barely Used Pets
Sacred Hearts Rescue
Stormy's Place
Rescue Me
Persian Cat Rescue
Robyns Nest Rescue   
Over the Rainbow Rescue
Animals For Life
Stepping Stone Rescue

Petite Pooch Rescue
Dog Gone Pet Adoptions
Dayton Dog Adoption
A 2nd Chance Pet Adoptions
The Backyard Dog Project
Miami Valley Dog Rescue
The Tenth Life

Blews Mews

513 Area Code
Luv Fur Mutts
Circle Tail Rescue
HART Homeless An Rescue
3 Sisters Pet Rescue
Animal Adoption Foundation
Good Buddies Canine Rescue
Crookers Critters
Louie's Legacy
Niley Dog Rescue
Homestretch Hounds
Save The Animals Foundation

419 Area Code
Open Arms Pound Rescue
4 Paws Sake
Animal House
    cats too
All Species Adoption

Angels for Animals
Planned Pethood    
cats too
Mid OH Animal Welfare
Paw Pals 4 Buckeyes
Littliest Angels Sanctuary

Teddy's Rescue
Deb's Dogs

Ohio Small Dog Rescue 
Another Chance Sanctuary

440/216 Area Codes
Marilyn's Voice
Caroline's Kids  Cats

Senior Dog Rescue
Ginger's Animal Rescue
Love A Stray Dogs/Cats
St Francis Animal Sanctuary

Coda Blind Deaf Dog Rescue
Deaf Dogs, Colorado Based Rescue
Pal's For Paws
All Breed Rescue

330 Area Code
Star Mar Rescue
One of A Kind Pet Rescue
Paws & Prayers
Happy Endings
It's A Ruff Life Rescue
Rose's Rescue

Elite K-9
Canine Crusaders
East Ohio Animal Rescue
Dogs Unlimited
Take Me Too

See PetFinder.com & Adopt A Pet for shelter dogs
Petfinder & Adopt A Pet do some screening for fraudulent  "rescues", known as "Rescue Brokers". 
If a rescue only has pure breed/hybrid small dogs & puppies, you have likely found a Rescue Brokers. 
Ohio has many "Rescue Brokers".  They buy from breeders/dog auctions to resell for a high "adoption" fee. Compare adoption fees, are the dogs/pups spayed/neutered before adoption, ask if they came from a breeder and if they gave the breeder money for the dog. Puppy mills will continue to thrive as long as anyone is buying from them.
Reputable rescues do not pay breeders for dogs to rehome as rescued dogs/pups. Reputable rescues have a 100% spay/neuter before adoption policy.

Afgan Hound         ahrco@columbus.rr.com
Akita                      pdutson@yahoo.com
Akita                      marsakita@sbcglobal.net
Am Eskimo            Tracie@tlcrescue.com
Anatolian Shep   
Australian Shep   dgatsos@bfca.com
Australian Shep   meredevice@hotmail.com
Basenjis              rsnapper69@yahoo.com
Bassett Hound      babynugs2003@yahoo.com
Bassett Hound      info@bagsbassetrescue.org

Beagles                 intake@GotBeagles.org      
Bearded Collie      beardies@charter.net
Bearded Collie     Lwahoff@columbus.rr.com
Bernese Mt Dog    BrnrMom@aol.com
Belgian Sheps      carol.stein@voyager.net
Bichon Frise        kingsall3@aol.com

Border Collie       
Border Collie       lassie9@bright.net
Border Collie       ptnme2@aol.com
Border Collie      
Border Terrier     Wildwoodbts@aol.com
Boston Terrier     resqabt@insight.rr.com
Boston Terrier    ohio@midwestbtrescue.org

Britt Spaniel      BeauBritt2@aol.com
Bulldogs             bullieangelresq@yahoo.com
Bull Mastiff

Cairn Terrier     windsorpaints@aol.com
Cairn Terrier     info@cairnrescueusa.com
Cattle Dog           flyingk9s@hotmail.com
Cattle Dog           acdrsqohio@gmail.com
Catahoula           gsmalley@hvch.org
Cav King Charles  topdog@toledodogtraining.com

Ches Bay Ret      
Ches Bay Ret no site   lisa.keller146@gmail.com
Chihuahua          info@chihuahuarescueusa.org
Chihuahua           janetchihuahuas@aol.com
Chinese Crested  k9raintree@aol.com
Chinese Crested jennifercolvin@columbus.rr.com
Chinese Crested  ohiorep@barepawsrescue.org
Chinese Crested 
Chow Chow       chowinfo@chowwelfare.com
Chow Chow      JStrac9377@aol.com
Chow Chow      themadissoninn@gmail.com
CockerSpaniel    barb@columbuscockerrescue.org
Cocker Span     Christine_Bacon@cherishedcockers.org
Cocker Spaniel  cbuisket@bright.net
Collie               lassie5900@aol.com
Collie                   Info@NEOCR.org
Collie               adoptions@almosthomeohio.org
Coonhound        BuckeyeDogHaul@aol.com
Coonhounds      Other State Options
Corgi          HowellingCorgi@aol.com
Corgi                BrnrMom@aol.com
Corgis & Mixes  cbrickner5006@gmail.com
Dachshund        cmdundon@aol.com
Dachshund        sandeckel@woh.rr.com
Dalmatian        dalmatianrescue@comcast.net
Doberman             HMDDAdoptions@yahoo.com
Doberman             northcoastdobe@aol.com
Doberman          foreverdobesrsq@yahoo.com
Doberman         swohdoberescue@aol.com  

Doodle              revchrisandsher@aol.com

English Bulldog      AllTailsRen@aol.com
English Mastiff     mastiff.rescue@gmail.com
English Setter     spaulsen1@hotmail.com
English Setter      board@englishsetterrescue.org
Fox Terrier         jbrown4571@wowway.com
Fox Terrier         kimzab9@columbus.rr.com
French Bulldog      AllTailsRen@aol.com
German Shep       440-439-8026
German Shep
German Shep           MadHouse@fuse.net
Germ Sheps White  brendastillwagon@yahoo.com
Germ Sheps White  WolfDance3@msn.com
Germ Short Pnt        gspcare@yahoo.com
Germ Short Pnt        adriana@ohioshorthairrescue.org
Giant Schnauzer       carjanak@aol.com
Giant Schnauzer       mylessmom2001@yahoo.com
Giant Schnauzer      tarabeard@earthlink.net
GoldenDoodles          Rescue@IDog.biz
Golden Ret               
Golden Ret                grin@grinrescue.org
Golden Ret             Info@goldentreasuresrescue.org
Golden Ret              
Gordon Setter         wyttsend@yahoo.com
Great Dane              info@hhdane.com
Great Dane
Great Pyrenees        mailtoald@aol.com
Greater Swiss Mtn  BrnrMom@aol.com
Greyhound               president@teamgreyhound.com
Greyhound               Adopt@CentralOhioGreyhound.org
Greyhound               jgibbs@neo.rr.com
Greyhound              koleksa@yahoo.com 
Greyhound              greyhound@ncweb.com
Greyhound              BRPennix@aol.com
Greyhound              rjrjlp@aol.com
Havanese          HavaHeart31@aol.com
Irish Setter           lassie5900@aol.com
Irish Setter          isclubohiorescue@aol.com
Irish Setter      ohio.irishsetter.rescue@gmail.com
Irish Wolfhound    hminnier@bellatlantic.net
Italian Greyhounds  ohioiggysrescue@gmail.com    

Jack Russell           jrtrescue@frontier.com 
Japanese Chin       rtcrbush@sbcglobal.net
Japanese Chin     info@luvachinrescue.org
Kerry Blue Terrier      bbkerry@aol.com
Kerry Blue Terrier    TNCampro@aol.com
Labrador             luvalabrador2010@yahoo.com
Lhasa Apso         

Mini Pinscher      Forminpins@aol.com
Newfoundland      newfie@fuse.net
Newfoundland      scnc_rescue@yahoo.com
Papillon             pat@pancero.com
    Pit Rescue   Advice OH
Pit Bulls             MeaslesAnimalHaven@yahoo.com
Pit Bulls             kallay7@aol.com
Pit Bulls            Shana@FortheLoveofPITS.org

Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls            luvabullsrescue@gmail.com
Pit Bulls  National Sites      Pit Bull      PBC
Plott Hound      coonk9@yahoo.com
Pointer Rescue
Poodle              CinciPoodleClub@yahoo.com
Poodle              revchrisandsher@aol.com 
Poodle              wrpcrescue@yahoo.com
Poodle              419-693-1228
Pomeranian     CentralOhioPomRescue@gmail.com
Rat Terrier ratbonerescues@ratbonerescues.com
Rhodesian Ridgebacks  BrnrMom@aol.com
Rottweiler          rottrsq@frontier.com
Saint Bernard     allwaysunique02@yahoo.com
Saint Bernard   
Schipperke         imaskip@earthlink.com
Schipperke         brennerar@aol.com
Schipperke         ohioskiprescue@aol.com
Schnauzer          pmiller0000@aol.com
Schnauzer           shsr@roadrunner.com
Schnauzer          saveaschnauzer@yahoo.com  
Schnauzer       wolfspirit729@aol.com
Scottish Ter      scdove49@yahoo.com
Scottish Ter      cliffrnor@aol.com
Shar Pei             jmoore26@columbus.rr.com
Shar Pei             ljbrown1063@embarqmail.com
Sheepdog            Waynenik@aol.com
Shelties              pettaxi@fuse.net
Shelties              CenOHSheltieResc@aol.com
Shelties              augustpch@aol.com
Shiba Inu             pam@royalkennels.com
Shih Tzu             info@shihtzuandfurbabyrescue.com
Shih Tzu             
Shih Tzu              Kimark7@aol.com
Shih Tzu            
Siberian Husky    WolfDance3@msn.com
Siberian Husky     wolfepak53@windstream.net
Siberian Husky     adoptahuskyohio@yahoo.com
Springer Spaniel   vistahknls@aol.com
Vizsla                  pam@bragagility.com
Vizsla                  mvvcrescue@gmail.com
Vizsla                buckeyeVizRescue@gmail.com 
Weimeraner        daweims@aol.com
West High Ter   baroberts@columbus.rr.com
West High Ter   windsorpaints@aol.com
West High Ter  
Whippet            churchill.kate@gmail.com
Yorkie            LittleYorkieRescue@yahoo.com
Yorkie           wolfspirit729@aol.com

All Ohio Counties have
Animal Control = AC (county run)
Most counties also have a
Humane Society = HC (private)

Adams Co AC
Allen Co AC
Allen Co HS
Allen Co Angels For Animals
Ashland Co AC
Ashland Co HS           
Ashtabula Co AS
Ashtabula Co HS
Athens Co AC
Athens Co HS
Athens Co Friends of Shelter
Auglaize Co AC
Auglaize Co HS
Belmont Co Animal Shelter
Brown Co AC
Butler Co AC
Butler Co HS
Butler Co, Paws Adoption
Carroll Co AC
Carroll Co HS
Champaign Co AC

Champaign Co Shelter
Clark Co HS & AC
Clermont Co HS
Cleveland Berea Rescue
Cleveland Kennel
Cleveland Parma AS
Cleveland An Protection
Clinton Co AC
Clinton Co Wilmington HS
Clinton Co HS
Columbiana Co AC
Columbiana Co Salem HS
Coshocton Co AC
Coshocton Co Fourpaw Friends
Crawford Co AC & HS

Cuyahoga Co AC
Cuyahoga APL
Cuyahoga Independence AC
Darke Co AC
Darke Co HS
Dayton HS of Greater
Defiance Co AC
Defiance Co HS
Delaware County HS
Delaware Co AC 
Erie Co AC
Erie Co HS
Euclid Co AC
Fairfield AC
Fairfield Co HS
Fayette Co AC
Fayette Co HS
Franklin Co AC
Franklin Co Capital Area HS
Franklin Co  C H A
Franklin Co Pets W/out Parents
Franklin Co  Cozy Cat Cottage
Franklin Co Cat Welfare
Fulton Co AC

Gallia Co AC
Gallia Co An Welfare League
Gallia Co Perennial Cat Shelter
Geauga Co AC
Geauga Co HS
Greene Co AC
Greene Co HS
Guernsey Co AC
Hamilton Co AC & HS
Hamilton Co Save An Found

Hancock Co AC & HS
Hardin Co AC
Harrison Co AC
Henry Co AC
Henry Co HS
Highland Co AC
Highland Co HS
Holmes Co AC
Holmes Co HS
Hocking Co HS
Hocking Co AC

Huron Co AC
Huron Co HS
Jackson Co AC
Jackson Co HS
Jefferson Co AC
Jefferson Co HS
Knox Co AC
Knox Co HS
Lake Co AC
Lake Co HS
Lakewood Animal Shelter
Lawrence Co AC
Lawrence Co HS

Licking Co AC

Licking Co HS
Logan Co AC & HS
Lorain Co AC
Lorain Co Erie Shores
Lucas Co AC
Lucas Co Toledo HS
Madison Co AC & HS
Mahoning Co AC
Mahoning Co Angels For Animals
Mansfield-Richland HS
Marion Co AC
Marion Co HS

Medina Co AC

Medina Co SPCA
Meigs Co AC
Mercer Co AC
Mercer Co APL
Miami Co AC
Miami Co HS
Monroe Co AC
Monroe Co HS
Montgomery Co AC
Montgomery Co HS
Morgan Co AC
Morrow Co HC
Morrow Co Animal Shelter
Muskingum Co AC
Muskingum Co HS
Noble Co AC
Noble Co HS
Ottowa Co AC
Ottowa Co HS
Paulding Co AC
Perry Co AC
Perry Co HS
Pickaway Co  HS
Pickaway Co AC
Pike Co AC
Portage Co AC
Portage Co An Protect League
Preble Co AC
Preble Co HS
Putnam Co AC
Richland Co HS
Richland Co AC
Ross Co HS
Ross Co AC
Sandusky Co AC
Sandusky HS
Sandusky Soc for Animals
Scioto Co AC
Scioto Co Animal Welfare League
Seneca Co AC
Seneca Co AS
Summit Co AC
Summit Co HS
Shelby Co AC
Shelby Co HS
Stark Co HS
Stark Co AC
Trumbull Co AC
Trumbull Co Animal League
Tuscarawas Co AC
Tuscarawas Co HS
Union Co AC & HS
Union Co HS
Union Co HS
Van Wert Co AC
Vinton Co AC
Warren Co HS
Warren Co AC
Washington Co AC 
Washington Co HS OhioValley 
Wayne Co HS
Wayne Co AC
Williams Co AC
Williams Co HS
Wood Co AC
Wood Co HS
Wyandot Co HS
Wyandot Co AC

Columbus Dog Connection   2761 Johnstown Rd   Columbus OH  43219    614-471-9000
  Kellie  kdifrischia@gmail.com