Dogs Available for Adoption                                     April 22, 2015
 Adoption Fee Dogs $200,   $125 for dogs over 8yrs
Adoption Fee Cats    $65  
 We do not have an application in our adoption process.

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Terrier Bassett Mix, Micah
female, 1yr, super friendly, good with dogs, loves attention, an old soul kind of dog, not good w/ cats

Chihuahua/Dachshund Mix,
Jillie, female, 1yr, 12lbs, skinny little deer like dog, good w/ dogs, very

 affectionate, if you're sitting, she knows there is a lap & considers it hers to sit on, but she will share it w/ another dog, she loves kisses, playful w/ dogs, fun to watch hop around the yard, trying to keep up with the bigger, faster ones, has to sleep under the blanket at night,  is very food oriented, so she goes willingly into a crate with a treat thrown in, she doesn't like it when the door is shut, came from a shelter in KY area, good with all adults, older children and most small kids, but there have been a few exceptions with small children, making us wonder what went on with her in her Kentucky days, when she first came here, she would dart out the door, now, we know to watch and don't allow it, but that is something to keep in mind


Pit Mix, Towanda
female, beautiful blue eyes, from rural shelter, has broken front leg that is being evaluated for surgery options, knows sit, obedient, likes to hang near her person

Pekingese, Winky
female, 3yrs, 9 lbs, a tiny little lady, a great little dog, loves to be w/ her person, good in the car, fine with cats, easy, quiet dog, loves playing with cats, loves playing chase

Chia mix, Emma
watch Emma on Video
4yrs, 15lbs, female, a playful energetic girl,  adult home best and fenced back yard needed for this gal, good at basic obedience & working on her greeting new people, she likes to check you out to make sure you are a friend and then she is the true definition of a lap dog, would be a great jogging partner, can ride along w/ a bike, would be a great fly ball or agility dog with smokin' times !

Lab Mix, Dax, video, video,
1yr, 50 lbs, he rings jingle bells to tell you he needs to go outside, very affectionate, a typical energetic lab puppy, loves to play especially w/ other dogs, would benefit from obedience work to make him the perfect dog, very intelligent and food motivated so he responds well to training, is also one of the softest dogs you will ever pet, his coat feels like a nice fleece blanket, Dax is very high energy and a great jumper, 6ft fence or invisible fence needed, he would love to be a runner's dog, would also be a good agility or disk dog or dock dog

Mix, Ruby
female, 2yrs, 28lbs,  loves to run, super smart, figured out the treat find game instantly, she came from a rural Ohio county,
best in active home, if yard is fenced it needs to be a tall one (preferably privacy), and that she loves belly rubs, knows to ring a bell to go outside,  high energy little pooch

Chia Mix, Rita, 8 yrs, 13lbs, previous owner passed away, she has an attachment to men as that’s what her last guardian was,  is definitely a man’s dog!  Rita loves to cuddle under a blanket w/ you, knows sit on command, the most superb dog on leash,

Mix, Daisy, video  video 2, video 3, video 4
1 yr, 30lbs, female, tons of energy, super affectionate, will play fetch till the cows come home, chew rawhides, & play w/ dogs, working on basic commands & obedience, great w/ meeting new people, working on her social skills in meeting new dogs, does great once she knows

Jimmie & Pinky
-we are hoping to place Jimmie & Pinky in the same home, please watch their videos to see them in action
MaltiPoo, Pinky,
video 1      video 2   video 3  video 4
2yrs, 7lbs, a happy little pile of white fluff, great w/ dogs, likes cats, loves to be near her person, if you sing Pharrel's Happy song, you will get an idea of what Pinky is all about, loves to be near her person, plays fetch like a championship lab

Chia Mix, Jimmie
video 1      video 2  video 3
male, 12 lbs, 2yrs, loves people,  super playful boy, great on leash,  loves a good game of "who can juke best" with other dogs,
came from a drug house w/ 7 dogs, an easy pooch, Jimmie is a great little dog, loves to snuggle beside you on couch, very obedient, well behaved, Jimmie does not like to be kissed but loves the gentle touch of your hand

Sheldon, 1yr, such a sweet little guy, quiet, loves your gentle touch, picks a cozy spot near a person & hangs out

Tito Jackson, male, 3yrs, super curious & playful, zips through our office, has devilish always on the take mojo, if he were an actor, Jackie Chan

Amy, 8yrs, quiet girl, this loving cat will let you brush her, often snuggled up in her bed, does fine w/ dogs, cats, has fangs that show & make her very unique

Fowler, male, short hair, 5yrs, low key cat, easy going with the other office cats, this boy is just a nice cat, named after Amy Farrah "Fowler" from the Big Bang Theory
Lupita, 3yrs, personality plus, smart, has gymnast talents, and telepathy -she has her foster family under her spell

the nicest, calmest kitty ever, found fending for herself on the streets, gives the dogs the business to back off if they get too close, such a low key kitty, loves her belly rubbed, loves being near her person

Mamma, female
5yrs, declawed, super affectionate kitty, loves to be near her people, a couch potato kind of kitty, easy & sweet

Katniss, female, 1yr,
playful, oh so playful, wants to hang w/ her peeps, loves to be a speedy kitty around our office, great w/ cats, dogs, people

Louise, 3yrs, very quiet, will steal your heart with her gentle sweetness, everyone says how beautiful she is

Shirley, 5yrs,  beautiful eyes, a quiet wall flower, but a perfect litter box user !Shirley is just a nice cat, low key, loves attention but independent too, she is as solid grey as you have ever seen a cat be, she's an office favorite

Herbie,  Do you need a greeter for your home?
This old boy is a talker ! All he wants is a nice scratch behind the ears and a kind word, this poor cat lived in the hood for 12 yrs, he has a portion of his left face missing but you can barely tell