Puppy Mills In Ohio

                                                                           A Puppy Mill In Ohio

 Pictures of Ohio Puppy Mills

What You Can Do

Don't Buy from Pet stores
 -if you are reading this, we are likely singing to the choir, so tell your co workers, post a sign in your office...send this page to everyone

ASPCA Statistic 9 of 10 pups at a Pet store come from a puppy mill

Petland Stores buy puppies from the Hunte Corporation, who, as you will see below, buy from Breeders in Ohio 

Report a Puppy Mill/Irresponsible Breeder

We thought Missouri  &  Lancaster PA were the worst? Look at these numbers.

Lancaster County PA, human population   470,000  kennel licenses sold per yr, 300
Holmes County OH, human population   39,000 kennel licenses sold per yr, 470
Tuscawarus Co, OH human population,  90,000  kennel licenses sold per yr, 425
Coshocton Co  OH human population,   37,000 kennel licenses sold per yr, 315
Franklin Co, OH human population,   1 million  kennel license sold per yr, 91